Self Reliance

Really Learning to Hear-Him, Trust Him, and Rely on Him

We do not want to overwhelm you with information.  However, if you need some media to enhance your lessons or additional resources, the videos below are an introduction to get you started.  You can set the speed so they go faster.  There are many other good resources so these are definitely not intended to be a be all end all.   He will lead each of us as we ask Him to help us be and do better.


We try to Get you Good information and then You Decide How and what you are going to Do.

Presented below are videos, video play lists, and web links for the “Come Follow Me” curriculum and the Book of Mormon in general.  The curriculum itself, from the manual provided by the church, can be accessed a number a of ways.  The First Link below (Link on the Title: “Come Follow Me 2020”) just gets you to the main page where you can choose what lesson you are working on.

We have also added links to some of our favorite “additional resources”. 

Book of Mormon Central is the main source we use for additional information because it presents the Church’s material in an easy to find manner and is easy to use.   The Know Whys from Book of Mormon Central are short videos with longer pod casts if you want more.  They are included in the curriculum ordered material but we have also included them separately.  


This is the link to the main Book of Mormon Central Come Follow Me section.   Follows the daily reading of the Church Site lessons and  has the relevant KnoWhy videos from BMC.  The KnoWhys are short   1:30 to 5  or so minutes and give good additional information for all ages.  Children can understand some of  these.  Click Here to learn about their creation and purpose.

This is a Sunday School like lesson between 40 and 50 min long at regular speed. (We like to listen to it at 1.5.  It is not too fast and makes the lesson more like 30 to 40 min long.  Good Material for adults and young adults and maybe some older youth.    

This is a 4 to 6 min lesson about some aspect of the lesson.  Good for older children as well as youth, young adults, and adults.

Book of Mormon KnoWhy

Over 560 short videos with longer podcasts and PDF’s about various Book of Mormon Topics.  Created by the Book of Mormon Central Team