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This is where to learn the  material  that is covered on the Ged Language Arts test and Essay.  

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Michelle Revisited

Test Prep Champions

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     Just an Intro            1 min 47 sec      

No Math Here 

This presenter is a bit messy in his presentation I like GetSumMath much better.  However, he is a second set of complete problems that he works over 3 hour time.  You can listen at 1.5 and his explanations are clear and easy to follow.  There are three videos below that cover all topics on the official GED study guide including an explanation of the problems given on the official study guide.  He does however have a real problem with his handwritting and keeping things neat and easy to follow,  Better guy is over at GetSumMath. 

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Scientific Notation = Good video 1:28

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Inequalities = Good video 15:30

After you have done a quick Overview here go on to the next column over and do the In Depth Material. He started with 2 but ended with 3. They are over an hour each but they cover great examples.
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In Depth One

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In Depth Two

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