This area is still under construction but there is some information up right now but it will be soon be here.


Living Traditions Homestead

There are two videos here. “Coop Start” is the design and beginning build.  “Coop End is the finish for that project. This is a permanent coop for birds that are going to free range.  This is not a meat chicken tractor.

Becky's Backyard Chickens

There are lots of designs and views about coops and how to house chickens.  The coop I am building is a take off on this one but moving it on a pasture so it can be smaller.  

Sufficient Me

This is the homesteader from Australia.  There are lots of reasons for chickens and lots of different people trying to raise and use them more ethically and cleanly and usefully.

Justin Rhodes

This guy is a chicken homesteading guru and but his videos are all sometimes difficult to watch.  I watch at about 1.75.

Weed em & Reep and Others

Kids Teach Kids about Chickens