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This is where to learn the basic math concepts that are covered on the Math Reasoning GED test and are the basic math skills that any high school graduate is expected to know by the time he or she leaves high school.

GED Math Practice Tests

Take the practice tests as soon as you can. They will give you a good look at what the test will cover. Don't worry about doing it perfectly, rather get a sence of how the questions will be worded and what they will cover. Don't have either the calculator or the non calculator test scored until you have finished it. Then you can get a look at where your mistakes were and there are videos to go over how to do each question if you are having difficulty.

Things to do

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We try to get you good information that will prepare you to take the GED Math Test or Help you learn the basic Math Skills that that test covers. Your Job is to PRACTICE!

Presented below are links to various resources.   Timeline uses the material from Effortless Math and breaks the material down into Subtopics which span the first 2 columns.  These Subtopics are the same (with a few variations) as the first information that I sent to you in PDF form (Remi) or had delivered to you in written form (Derek).   

The  TImeline starts with FRACTIONS and moves through the topics in somewhat the same order as they would be presented in school.  Almost every line in the  Timeline goes to the same or a similar worksheet  like the ones I sent to you at the beginning for this project.  There are also videos attached to  those worksheet pages since the links go to the actual Effortless Math site.  You don’t need to view the videos to do the work on the worksheets or see the written instructions.    I have attached some extra videos to some of the Timeline subtopics.  These videos are from GetSumMath and are better videos. 

The third Column titled GetSumMath goes to an excellent site that gives practice problems for you to work on but the order of presentation is alphabetical and covers the same material but the order is out of sequence from the way you would get it at school.  There are videos attached to each work area if you need more information about how to handle a particular topic.  THESE VIDEOS ARE BETTER than most and add a great deal in terms of how to do the  problems faster and with less math and more logic or with good instruction about how to set things up.  




  1.  Sept 20, Take test and send
  2. Sept 21, FRACTIONS
    1. Simplifying Fractions
    2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
    3. Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
  3. Sept 22, 
    1. Adding Mixed Numbers
    2. Subtracting Mixed Numbers
    3. Multiplying Mixed Numbers
    4. Dividing Mixed Numbers
  4. Sept 23, DECIMALS
    1. Adding and Subtracting Decimals
    2. Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
  5. Sept 24, Sunday no math
  6. Sept 25,
    1. Comparing Decimals
    2. Rounding Decimals
  7. Sept 26, 
    1. Factoring Numbers
    2. Greatest Common Factor
    3. Least Common Multiple
    4. Word Problems for Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor
  8. Sept 27,  Catch Up day  or review day
    1. 10 easy GED questions
    1. Adding and Subtracting Integers
    2. Multiplying and Dividing Integers 
  10. Sept 29,  
    1. Order of Operations
    2. Ordering Integers and Numbers
    3. Integers and Absolute Value 
  11. Sept 30,  Saturday Watch Conference
  12. Oct 1,  Sunday Watch Conference
    1. Simplifying Ratios
    2. Proportional Ratios
    3. Similarity and Ratios
  14. Oct 3,
    1. Perportion word problems 1
    2.  Perportion word problems 2
  15. Oct 4,
    1. Percentage Calculations
    2. Percent Problems
    3. Discount, Tax and Tip
  16. Oct 5, 
    1. Percent of Increase and Decrease
    2. Simple Interest 
  17. Oct 6,  
    1. Percent Word Problems
    2. Second Method for Percent 
  18. Oct 7,  Catch up and Review   
  19. Oct 8, Sunday No Math
    1. Simplifying Variable Expressions
    2. Simplifying Polynomial Expressions
  21. Oct 10, 
    1. Translate Phrases into an Algebraic Statement
    2. The Distributive Property
  22. Oct 11, 
    1. Evaluating One Variable Expressions
    2. Evaluating Two Variables Expressions
    3. Combining like Terms
    4. Word Problems 
  23. Oct 12,  Catch Up and Review
    1. GetsumMath 10 Common Questions Good video 11min 55 sec
    1. One-Step Equations
    2. Multi-Step Equations
    3. Good Inequalities Video
  25. Oct 14, 
    1. Graphing Single–Variable Inequalities
    2. One-Step Inequalities
    3. Multi-Step Inequalities
  26. Oct 15,  Sunday No Math
  27. Oct 16,
    1. System of Equations GetSumMath video
    2. Systems of Equations 


    1. Good grafing video
    2. Finding Slope
    3. Graphing Lines Using Standard Form
  2. Oct 18, 
    1. Graphing Lines Using Slope-Intercept Form
    2. Writing Linear Equations
  3. Oct 19,
    1. Graphing Linear Inequalities
    2. Finding Midpoint
    3. Finding Distance of Two Points
  4. Oct 20,  Catch Up and Review
    1. Good exponent video from GETSUMMath 
    2. Multiplication Property of Exponents
    3. Division Property of Exponents
    4. Zero and Negative Exponents
  6. Oct 22,  Sunday – No Math
  7. Oct 23,  
    1. Powers of Products and Quotients
    2. Negative Exponents and Negative Bases
  8. Oct 24,
    1. Scientific Notation
    2. Good Video on Scientific Notation From GETSUMMATH
    3. Radicals
  9. Oct 25, Catch Up and Review  
  10. Oct 26,  POLYNOMIALS
    1. Polynomial Video overview 
    2. Writing Polynomials in Standard Form
    3. Simplifying Polynomials
    4. Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
    5. Multiplying Monomials
  11. Oct 27,
    1. Multiplying and Dividing Monomials
    2. Multiplying a Polynomial and a Monomial
    3. Multiplying Binomials
  12. Oct 28,
    1. Factoring Trinomials
    2. Operations with Polynomials
  13. Oct 29,  Sunday No Math
    1.  Geometry Video
    2. Pythagorean Theorem
    3. Triangles
    4. Polygons
    5. Trapezoids
  15. Oct 31
    1.  Circles
    2. Cubes
    3. Rectangular Prism
    4. Cylinder 
  16.  Nov 1 Catch up and Review
    1. Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
    2. Histograms
    3. Pie Graph
  18. Nov 3
    1. Probability Problems
    2. Good Combinations Video
    3. Combinations and Permutations
    4. Difficult combination problem-video
  19. Nov 4  FUNCTIONS
    1. Very good funtion video  
    2. Function Notation
    3. Adding and Subtracting Functions
    4. Multiplying and Dividing Functions
    5. Composition of Functions

Ultimate GED and Others

Good Practice Videos below that can be stopped so you can try and then the answer is given and explained.

Important Extra Material, Not Covered Elsewhere!

Very Important Extra Material

1 Videos
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To skip introduction move to 42 seconds.  To change speed hit the settings icon and choose your speed.

Effortless Math

Click on the button above or the Column Title to go to a play list of videos that follows the  Effortless Math Program.

Whole Numbers

Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions

Fractions And Decimals
Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions
Integers and Order of Opereations
Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions
Geometry and Solid FIgures
Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions
Statistics and Probability
Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions
Click on any bulleted point below to go to a page of examples and sample questions

Content Areas To Explore

Michelle Revisited

Test Prep Champions

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     Just an Intro            1 min 47 sec      

No Math Here 

This presenter is a bit messy in his presentation I like GetSumMath much better.  However, he is a second set of complete problems that he works over 3 hour time.  You can listen at 1.5 and his explanations are clear and easy to follow.  There are three videos below that cover all topics on the official GED study guide including an explanation of the problems given on the official study guide.  He does however have a real problem with his handwritting and keeping things neat and easy to follow,  Better guy is over at GetSumMath. 

Play Video

Scientific Notation = Good video 1:28

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Inequalities = Good video 15:30

After you have done a quick Overview here go on to the next column over and do the In Depth Material. He started with 2 but ended with 3. They are over an hour each but they cover great examples.
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In Depth One

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In Depth Two

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