This is Darvic

Spiritual and Temporal Self-Reliance

Shared Ideas and Shared Commitment

We are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and doing our best to become as He would have us become.  We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We want to share our commitment with our children, grandchildren, and others who want to join us as we learn to be better disciples and stewards. 

We have worked on many aspects of self-reliance through the years, both spiritual and temporal and would like to share here some of the resources we have found that have helped us along the way.  What we have here is nothing like a full picture of the hows and whys of coming unto Christ and becoming more like Him or of the ways to be more spiritually and temporally prepared.  However, it is a starting point and a place to gather resources.   

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to give, specifically our children and grandchildren, an easy place to find basic information to enhance their home centered learning about the things of Christ.  We also want to include some of our favorite learning sites about the care and husbandry of fruit, vegetables, and animals in whatever space they have available to them.   We also have included some basic educational material.  Specifically, resources for testing their current knowledge against the standardized GED (General Educational Development) test.  We will do this by providing links to YouTube sites where we have found information that helped us.

Spritual Self Reliance

Temporal Self Reliance

Come Follow Me Resources

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Freeze Dry

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GED Math Resources

GED Social Studies

GED Language Arts

Our Story

Love God, His Children and Our Family and Do the Best we Can to Serve and Improve.

We have had many adventures and learning experiences during our lifetimes but this site is dedicated to some of our self reliance initiatives and a sampling of what we consider to be good information.  Hope you have fun exploring.  You may even see us doing things you didn’t know we could do.

Our Current Projects

Getting Ready for A Fall Garden in Arizona
Trying to Figure out how to Raise some Chickens

feasting on the scriptures Daily and Learning more about the Continuing restoration
Trying to Learn the Hebrew AlefBet anD Kindergarten reading of Biblical Hebrew