This is where to learn about gardens.  Big gardens, little gardens, microgreen gardens.  We will try to send you to places that will help you look at the many ways a garden can be done.  Hope you enjoy.


We try to Get you Good information and then Let You Decide How you want to implement or change it in your situation.

Presented below are videos, video play lists, and web links for basic information about growing vegetables and gardening in general.  Including how to plant, what to plant, when to plant and what to plant in.  If you have looked at the information on the Fruits page. you will notice that there were lots of different methods and channels that we sent you to, but we picked one main source of information and then a few other view points.  

We will do something similar here but since there is a much wider variety of opinions on the gardening how to materials, you will probably have a lot more variety here as well.  Here you may want to try more than one method of planting for example and you can be more flexible because unlike trees, gardens can be a little easier to change.

Raised Beds
How To & Why

Beautiful Garden in Phoenix using square foot raised bed method.  This is just one video but her channel is in the box below.  Lots of info about what to plant in each month.  Also shows here growth and how she implements other methods

Self Sufficient Me

Good Information.  There are links below to 3 of his play lists.  You can find more from there.  Best speed here for me is only 1.5 because of his accent. 

Raised Rows
How to & Why

There are many small Market Garden Farmers now.  There methods work well on 1/2 acre to 5 acre areas but can be scaled down to be used in smaller garden areas.  

This can be done in rows like a market garden.

In Ground Covered

This can work here too, but care needs to be taken to have proper shade in the Arizona sun.

For Holland about Raised Beds

What it is.  View of one way to do it.  Myths about it.  Working bed demonstrated.

How is this Sub Irrigated Planter holding up.

More on this particular bed.

The start of new beds for the next season

This is about a month later.

Start at about 5:25 into the video

Grow Bags
How & Why

How & Why

Garden Pest Solutions

How to control powdery mildew and other problems with a natural cheap ingrediant.

We Have One Goal

To Provide you with a variety of Information
And Trust that you can find more
And Make Informed decisions