Ideas to Try

Good Morning and/Or Night or anytime you Want

Mouth and Tongue Exercises (Third Column Over)


Blue Tablet - Maths Do whenever

Count out loud As High As you can-Whenever

Practice Reading Out loud from whatever book you like

Spend Some Time Writing on your Tablet or Paper or a white board. Either free hand or typing.

Scripture Study

From the Church website.  Go to the menu on the left and find the lesson you want to listen too.  You can get to any part of any lesson from here.  You can listen as you read along.

Book of Mormon Central Insights.  For slower speed go to the settings icon and change speed to slower or faster as desired.  Also you can turn on the closed captions.  This is video and we will practice the set up.

Very good but very long explanation of the “Come Follow Me” lessons for over a year.  Find whatever you want to study.  Remember to change the speed to at least 1.5 if you don’t want to be at it for a Day and a Night and a Day.

Tongue and Mouth/Lip Exercises

Play Video
balls, funny, face
Play Video
Play Video
portrait, girl, beach
Play Video
kiss, blow, blowing a kiss
Play Video